Best Horoscope App for Android

So, here we listed out the best horoscope apps which can be installed in Android smartphone. 


If you are looking for a horoscope, you can also use the horoscope. With some high-quality horoscopes and fastness, this is one of the high-rated apps in Play Store. You want to know about the wellness, love, career & mood of the particular day with the clean & simple interface.

Zodiac Astrology & Horoscope

An Android app for both Astrology & Horoscope, Zodiac Astrology & Horoscope Android app will provide you with almost all the features related to astrology. Some of the features of the app include Tarot Card reading, Numerology, Horoscope based on Birthday and Palm reading.

Ze Horoscope

The one interesting thing about Ze Horoscope is that you are going to update your daily horoscope even if you are offline. The app uses the preloading feature and will deliver your horoscope through SMS. There are a few Zodiac sign. This app will work on Android 2.3 and requires only 3 MB of the memory space.

Horoscope of Birth

If you are looking for an Android app, you can use it on your Android app. This app stands out from the rest with its simple & easy interface and features of General, Love, Career, Wellness.

Cosmic Watch: A World Clock

This app is strictly for professionals, who can figure out the horoscope based on astronomy clock and real time 3D solar system. This app includes both the world clock and an astronomy clock with features like real time clock and a 3D view of Earth along with the Details of latitude & longitude to the sunrise & sunset taking place.